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We will no longer stand for Corporate Welfare & Social Darwinism!!

So, I was reading my email today and was asked to send a letter to my GOP Congressman about what $40 a paycheck means to me since they are still dicking around with the payroll tax cut in the name of trying to cram the Keystone Pipeline down our throats.  The more I thought about it, of course the more pissed off I got.  So, I thought I would share the letter I sent to my congressperson with you.   You too can write to your congress person via the Americans United for Change link

Here is what I said.  If you like it please feel free to use any or all of it for your letter.  

Dear [Recipient],

$40 a paycheck may not be much for you but for me and my husband, since I became ill it means the difference in buying necessary medication or not.

I do not know how you and the rest of the GOP can stand idly by and call yourselves representing the people of the United States of America. We are suffering, we are poor, we have less than we have ever had in recent history and it is ALL thanks to the policies that the GOP favors. It is time to stop this madness. Read the studies, TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DO NOT WORK.

YOU have been only helping those who do not need any help. YOU are giving our American jobs away, YOU are taxing those of us who cannot afford it more and more and letting those with the most pay less and less, YOU are making healthcare unattainable for most Americans, YOU are making an education unattainable for most Americans, YOU are ensuring that most jobs do not pay a living wage, YOU are propagating a police state in the US, YOU have nearly eradicated the middle class, YOU are killing the America we have known and loved. YOU, are trying to hijack Christianity in the name of Capitalism; EVERYTHING you are doing is wrong, both morally and ethically and you should be ashamed.

You are on notice, we the people are not going to stand by and let you continue your rampant acts of tyranny and treason against the US any longer. We will no longer stand for Corporate Welfare & Social Darwinism, it is past time for you and the others in the GOP to start doing the RIGHT thing for THE PEOPLE that you supposedly represent. We do not want the Keystone Pipeline, we want you to leave Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid alone, to tax the 1%, to make Corporations pay their fair share, and quit trying to piggy back your favor paying legislation on meaningful, needed legislation that will provide relief to the weary and downtrodden American worker. Those of us who are nearly at the end of our rope, due to no fault of our own but due to the negligence of your party for 8 years of favoritism paid to big business and giving us the shaft are sick and tired and demand that you start taking our interests to heart.


Becky S.


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