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Union 2.0? Could it be done En masse in the U.S.? We should at least try, because we deserve better!

The concept of Unionization is not bad, what we have in the US has been so corrupted, just as our Government is that it is not a feasible option for those of us who need a vehicle that will allow us a collective voice and the necessary strength to affect change in the workplace.

What we need is Union 2.0, where the program is essentially re-written and we have a new O/S; you know, a Union where leadership is not corrupt, so that the people will trust it and will participate.  I would also say, one that is not so specific to a trade that everyone who may be in need cannot join.  Lastly, I would go so far as to say initially one that is free, or at minimum donation based, so that the inevitable administrative costs could be contained.

I say that because the sad fact is that the people need a vehicle that allows us to collectively have a voice, outside of the so-called elected officials because they are purely owned by special interests, corporations and the military industrial complex. If we are to have any hope of getting the 50% of us that are currently living in poverty out of poverty and preventing the remaining 44% from joining us in poverty then we have to act. That action obviously is going to have to be independent of our elected officials via grassroots movements.

I am fully aware that as of this week, my saying this could be dangerous with the wholesale approval by Congress of NDAA, but we have to do something.  We are at a tipping point in our country, if we stand by waiting for those who are supposedly representing us to do what they are elected to do we all going to be homeless, starving and the U.S. will be a 3rd world country with a handful of people (those in Congress and their cronies) sitting pretty living off the money they made off of us; we are paying for their mistakes and even when we say NO they still do what they want with our tax dollars.  That is NOT representation of the people, by the people for the people.

As Dr. King once said “If we wait for it to work itself out, it will never be worked out. Freedom only comes through persistent revolt, through persistent agitation, through persistently rising up against the system of evil.”

Now is the time, all Americans need to join forces and create a coalition of unified employees so we can demand our equal rights. Employees have less rights than animals in the U.S. And don’t get me wrong. I love animals, but I believe that corporations have a responsibility to not only to the country and their community but also to their employees.



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