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Are you Effing kidding me? Why NOT Tax Millionaires and Billionaires?

I’ll tell you why!  Because the damn Republicans in Congress don’t want their taxes to go up and they are OWNED by the 1%.

Yes boys and girls, its that time again.  The Government is facing shut-down, we are facing tax increases due to the expiration of payroll tax cuts and guess what.  The only ones that are gonna get screwed will be those of us that can ill afford it.  AGAIN.

The GOP would rather fall back on their lame-ass pledge not to raise taxes; evidently that pledge only applies to those who CAN afford to pay the additional taxes instead of the 99% of us who need real help from our Government.  Instead they propose getting the funding that Congress has determined is needed to extend that tax cut by freezing the pay of Federal Workers (who I am sure can ill afford it too) and increasing Federal workers pension costs.  I’ll bet you $1 that freeze and increase in cost excludes them as Federal employees!!  They always exempt themselves, claiming it affects their ability to legislate if they are subject to the laws they impose.  But, I digress, they also want to raise Medicare costs on those Seniors that earn over $80k.  There are other specifics I have not been able to find details on yet, but needless to say they exclude raising taxes on people that can afford to pay more taxes and are imposing more costs in other areas on those who cannot afford it.

I urge each and every one of you to contact your legislators and tell them to tax the wealthy.  It is their turn to pay for a while.  I promise you some articles that will include verifiable statistics and sources that prove to you that lowering their taxes does nothing for the economy.  There is no trickle down effect and it has been proven.  We are being taken advantage of by the very people that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests.  It is up to us to turn up the heat on them so they will start acting in our best interests.


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