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I just don’t get it…

I have been reading in the papers and listening to the news and keep hearing a recurring theme, what do “these people” want?  The talking heads go on to say there is no unified message, there is no leadership, there is nothing but a bunch of people whining about not having jobs, or not earning enough money, or having too much debt, etc.,  etc., etc.

My question to them is, where have you been?  Who are you listening to?  I have seen numerous times when the press interviewed protesters and they told them succinctly what their beef was.  But for the record, once again, let me just list a few of them here:

1.  Conduct a real investigation of the economic/financial meltdown and actually prosecute the wrongdoers and have them pay restitution.

2.  Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act; if additional regulation is needed enact it.  Rules are NOT a bad thing.

3.  The distribution of tax burden needs to be fair, people making over $1million per year pay on average 90% less than the rest of the nation; the tax cuts for the wealthiest of Americans needs to go away, nothing is trickling down; Corporate Personhood needs to be revoked, they are not an actual living and breathing entity.

There are others that worthwhile, but these are the main three that I have heard when OWS protesters are interviewed.  I understand that a full list of what would be desired by OWS  is being drafted and will be presented in the upcoming weeks.  I pray that it will be welcomed for what it is, a needed change.




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