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Boycott the Kardashians!! Americans are way better than this trash on television!

I kind of hate to have this be the first thing I write about here, but I see that it is getting a whole lot of play everywhere so, I am going to say what I know everyone else is probably thinking.

1-why are these people news?  There are far more important things going on in the world.

2-this spectacle that E calls a television show is nothing but a display of vulgarity, excess, greed, promiscuity, co-dependency, enabling abuse and addiction, disrespect for parents & spouses, disrespect for the sanctity of family and overall an exercise in extremely poor taste!

3-the fact that this family is capitalizing on Kim making a sex tape with a B (OK, really C) level celebrity and having that made public in order to gain some modicum of fame is purely nauseating.  The idea that she more than likely planned the whole thing goes to show you what kind of person she is.  And that wedding fiasco?  Really?   Is anyone surprised?

4-the only person in that entire family that had talent is Bruce Jenner and their dear departed father Robert.  Bruce was an amazing athlete once upon a time.  And Robert, well everyone knows about the OJ debacle.

5-The idea that the daughters are trying to pass themselves off as designers is laughable at best, they are hacks, doing nothing than copying high end designers and trying to pass it off as original.  They should belly up to the bar and just admit that they do not have original ideas.  Here are a couple of links from subscriptions I get that pointed out their thievery

5-These people represent everything the rest of the world thinks are the worst aspects Americans, and they are RIGHT.  Why on earth would we want to broadcast these people to the universe?

It is shameful that they are being celebrated the way that they are, they are a terrible example for our children.  Whoever dreamed that garbage up (Ryan Seacrest) should be shot.

Come on people, we are way better than this trash.  Join me and the other 80,000  (so far) people who have signed the petition to get rid of this garbage on TV.


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